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At Dynamic Graphics and Animations, “We go the Extra Mile” to create awesome Marketing Animated Ads, Logo’s, Video’s to help your business grow, boost sales, capture customer attention and create brand awareness.

Why Use Animation?

"Feature 2D animation can be produced for slightly less than 3D, $6,000 to $7,000per second here in the States and $500 to $1200 per second utilizing overseas studios. A 30-second commercial could cost anywhere between $15,000 and $210,000 depending on complexity. This is a pretty wide range." (Google)

Video is entertaining, visual, and drastically underused to convert leads. Yet, having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%, according to EyeWideDigital. Jun 19, 2018


"More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day."    

Nov 9, 2018 google






  • 1 Animated Video                                                           

  • 1 Animated Logo                                                             

  • 2 Social Media News Feed Ads 

  • 1 Social Media Banner or Website Header           

  • 1 Video with Wrapped header and footer.                                                                                                                          




$1290 Dollars 


                              YOUR PRICE TODAY                                                                  

$1199 plus tax or:

3 payments of $418 plus tax

SAVE %10

  • All of the Premium Services Plus

  • 1 Social Media Banners sized for 3 sites               

  • 1 Holiday Ad                                                                    

  • Company Logo design,                                                 

  • Chat Buddy for Website and Facebook Messenger                

  • Social Media Posting 2 times a week on 3 sites $5,200 VALUE

  • 1 Press Release announcing your business, submitted to your local newspaper, radio stations, via online venues.   

  • Monthly  Analytics

  • Email Marketing Campaign a $1500 Value           





$9,960 Dollars per  Year


YOUR PRICE TODAY:                                                           

 $7500 plus tax or: 


$2,500 down and 2 payments of $2,300



$5000 down and 2 PAYMENTS of  $1039.00


lets design your pay as you go plan.



  • 1 Animated sales video

  • 1 Social Media Ad                    

  • 1 Social Media Banner                 

  • 1 Holiday Ad                                                   



$699 Dollars 



$599 plus tax or:

$319 x 2 payments

SAVE $91

Additional Services

  • Company Logo design,                                                                     $175

  • Chat Buddy for Website and Facebook                                          $600

  • Social Media Posting 2 times a week on 2 sites                            $1560, 6 months        

    • or $60 weekly

  • 1 Press Release announcing your business and Posted to

        your local newspaper, radio stations, online…                                    $175

  • Analytics, monthly $60 x 12months                                                $720

  • 1 Email Marketing Campaign                                                          $500 plus $1per per email address targeted. Additional fees may apply. 

  • 1 Ad with Matching Landing Pages                                                $399

  • Thank You Page                                                                                $159

  • Flip Books                                                                                          $300

  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation  6 months    $1935 (email marketing not included.)

  • Book Publishing Paperback and eBooks, see:

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